A jumping girth for every occasion with Izabelle Dobson

A jumping girth for every occasion with Izabelle Dobson

Choosing the correct jumping girth can be a hard choice. There is many different shapes and models on the market and what works for one horse, may not work for another.

In this blog I will discuss how I choose the correct girth for my horses and the advantages of using particular girths. My four favourite girths I have in my tack room are the Kentaur 'Monaco' Girth, Kentaur 'Cassis' Stud Girth with and without sheepskin, Kentaur 'Dijon' Girth and the Kentaur 'Hamer' Artificial Sheepskin Girth.

Izabelle on her previous ride Tulara Corango wearing the Kentaur 'Cassis' Stud Girth with Sheepskin

Firstly, you need to ensure the girth you have is the right size and fits the horse correctly. Making sure the horse is comfortable and happy, helps the horse move freely and avoids any irritation. All Kentaur girths are measured buckle to buckle and increase in 5cm increments. If you're unsure of what size to order, the girls in the office will happily help, and can easily exchange if the girth is too big/small. 


Kentaur 'Monaco' Girth

My favourite Kentaur girth would be the Monaco girth. It's anatomically shaped around the elbows and wider over the sternum, making it really comfortable for the horse. This is my favourite girth because its a cross between a stud girth and a standard girth. I use this girth on my young horses who don’t need a stud girth yet, or when I'm training small jumps with the more experienced horses at home. This girth is also great for horses that are sensitive and don't like a standard stud girth but need some more protection in the ring. 


Kentaur 'Cassis' Stud Girth

The Kentaur 'Cassis' Stud Girth is the ideal jumping girth for in the ring. The soft leather provides ultimate comfort for the horse and protection while jumping. The best part about this girth is you can buy it with a sheepskin option as well. The sheepskin is attached with velcro, so can be removed and washed to look brand new again. I wear the Cassis Stud Girth with or without sheepskin (depending on the weather & if the horse gets skin irritation around the elbows) on all my experienced horses at the shows, this girth really ticks all the boxes. 

Izabelle riding Nobelwood Park Cashmere wearing the Kentaur 'Cassis' Stud Girth


Kentaur 'Dijon' Girth

The Kentaur 'Dijon' Girth is a true anatomical girth. It's the same width all the way along and contours around the horse’s elbows, this allow the horse to move freely and helps to stop the saddle from shifting. The Dijon girth is finished with fancy white stitching, making it a common competition girth for those horses that don't need a stud girth. I tend to use this girth on horses that I have issues with the saddle moving.

Izabelle riding Smiling Assassin in a Kentaur 'Dijon' Girth  


Kentaur 'Hamar' Artificial Sheepskin Girth 

The Kentaur 'Hamar' Artificial Sheepskin Girth is the perfect girth for training. The soft sheepskin makes this girth extremely comfortable for the horse while still looking stylish. Washing the girth is as easy as giving it a quick hose down once a week and it stays in perfect condition. I use this girth everyday while doing flatwork or schooling young horses. This girth comes in white, black or brown artificial sheepskin. 

Izabelle riding Noblewood Park Cashmere in the Kentaur 'Hamar' Artificial Sheepskin Girth at a training day. 

TIP: All of the Kentaur jumping girths are fitted with D rings on each side of the girth and underneath, so you can easily attach training aids or a breastplates.

At the end of the day, making sure the girth is the right size, comfortable for your horses and holds your saddle still are the main priorities. Kentaur Australia will defiantly have a girth in their range that will do all of these, and look great!

 - Izabelle Dobson 

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