The Road To Adelaide

The Road To Adelaide

Adelaide Equestrian Festival is one of the most prestigious 3 Day Events to run in the southern hemisphere. Run in the city of Adelaide, it is a one of a kind event. We were honoured to be supporting our sponsored rider Will Baxter, on his journey to compete at Adelaide this year in the CCI 3*L. Office team member Paris Endersby, joined Will on the 3 day drive across the nullabor as groom for the amazing KDale Miss Emma.

After the long drive across the outback, Will, Paris and KDale Miss Emma - arrived in the Adelaide Hills, where they stayed for the week leading up to the event, before heading in to the grounds. The first Trot Up on Wednesday was a breeze, "Emma" trotting up looking and feeling amazing. Dressage was the first event of the weekend, handling the atmosphere well, Will and "Emma" finished there test on a score of 38.5.

Saturday XC was incredible to watch with Will and Kdale Miss Emma, being 1 of only 4 combinations in the class of 37 to cross the finish line double clear, adding 0 penalties. Moving them up to 7th on the leaderboard. The cross country course consisted of 34 efforts over a distance of 4.6km. Sunday - the final day, trot up and showjumping. KDale Miss Emma, passed trot up with no issues, and went on the showjump. An unlucky 4 penalties to add in the show jumping - however they continued to climb the to finish in 5th Place.

We cannot wait to see the future for Will and Emma!! Congratulations to all involved 

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