What is the difference between Brown and Tobacco?

KenTaur produces most of their gear in three different colours: Black, Brown and Tobacco. Brown is far darker than Tobacco and is what we would call 'chocolate brown'. On the other hand, Tobacco is a lighter shade of brown (what some would classify as 'light havana'). You can see an example of the three different colours in the same product below: 

Kentaur Carmona Jumping Boots

Do you ship worldwide?

We SURE do! In fact, we offer free worldwide shipping for orders of $200+. You can change the currency to suit your country in the top left-hand corner of our website.


Do you have a Rewards program?

Yes! You can read more about our Rewards program here


Do you do returns and exchanges?

We are happy to exchange any product if it does not fit correctly, providing that it is not damaged by the buyer. We do not offer refunds unless there is an issue on our end, however we can provide store credit to use instead (see our Returns Policy). 



We aim to provide exceptional customer service with all our products, including our saddles. Not only do we offer completely customized, made-to order saddles, but we also allow customers to ‘trial’ our demo saddles for up to 2 weeks (longer if they are being sent internationally). Our knowledgeable staff and expert saddle fitter can guide you in the process of choosing the best saddle for you and your horse… After all, it’s a very important investment!

So just what makes a KenTaur saddle different, you ask?

  • Design: the KenTaur factory, located in Czech, has a focus on no-fuss, high quality products. Continual development and testing of their saddles is in place (helped by the fact that their own sport stables are situated next to the factory, allowing for immediate feedback from professional riders!), as is a multilevel quality control system. The saddles have a classic design that encourages correct rider position and horse comfort.
  • Small output, large attention-to-detail: each KenTaur saddle is lovingly hand-crafted from scratch. Unlike many saddlery companies that are based in Europe but have their saddles made in large factories in China, KenTaur has master saddlers on hand to ensure the best craftsmanship, precision and care go into each saddle. The price, however, is on par with many inferior saddles, allowing you to purchase quality without the enormous price tag.
  • Made-to-order: KenTaur can build your dream saddle, right down to the smallest detail. Things like the length or projection of the saddle flap, the type of leather (classic tanned leather, calf leather, printed French grain leather or country leather), long or short points, coloured piping and/or stitching, the type of panels (Wool, Latex or Combination) and even shiny or ‘croc’ leather texture compliments are available, as well as the standard options such as seat size, gullet width and colour (Black, Dark Brown or Tobacco). If you want your new saddle NOW, we also have a number in stock that are available for immediate purchase.
  • Adjustable: The adjustable width of the gullet plate means that KenTaur saddles can be adjusted to fit the horse and rider for the duration of the horse’s life, as long as the correct gullet chamber was selected on purchase of the saddle. Gullet chamber sizes range from 1-5 (based on angles*), with 1 being the narrowest. In saying this, in most models of our saddles, the gullet can be altered a full size up or down by an experienced saddle fitter. This is done through a special saddle press.

* Sizes and angles:

1 (Narrow) – Angle 63 degrees

2 (Medium) – Angle 73 degrees

3 (Medium Wide) – Angle 83 degrees

4 (Wide) – Angle 93 degrees

5 (Extra Wide) – Angle 99 degrees


Saddle FAQ’s:

What are flocked panels?

There are generally two style of panels available in the purchase of a saddle; the first being flocked (aka stuffed with wool) and the second being latex. Latex panels are foam encased in felt, and can only be adjusted with pads and shims.

On the other hand, flocked panels are a good option for those wanting more adjustability. The ‘gusseting’ is basically wedge-shaped leather attachments sewn onto the panel leather in the rear third of each panel. It allows for increased panel volume and therefore a greater surface contacting the horse’s back, providing a superior fit for horses with a high wither/narrow shoulders or deficiencies in the muscle around the wither area (or sway backed horses). They also facilitate greater changes to the saddle by the saddler as they allow room for more flocking.

In addition, there is the option to increase the height of the saddle panel 1cm, 2cm or 3cm if the horse needs it (i.e. is sway backed).

Latex panels are more suited to warmbloods or horses with flatter backs, as the panels are shallower to allow close contact with the back. This allows for a superior feeling of ‘closeness’ to the horse. However Latex panels do not offer the same fitting abilities of a flocked panel and would not suit a horse with a high defined wither/spine.


Which flocking is used in KenTaur saddles?

The flocking used in KenTaur saddles is a quality wool synthetic flocking, meaning that saddle panels remain in optimum condition and retain their shape for many years. We advise to have it refitted regularly to ensure optimum fit. In addition, it is always advised that a new saddle be sighted by an accredited saddle fitter, and if necessary flocking topped up three months after purchase. It is common for the flocking to 'settle' so to speak at this point.

Kentaur also offers a combination panel (a combination of Latex and wool panels), usually preferred by show jumpers/eventers. This type of panel offers a better feeling of closeness to the horse than flocked saddle, but is more adjustable than a latex panel.

So, in summary, the saddle panel options are:

* Wool Stuffed Panels: these are stuffed with fully synthetic wool which is very elastic and has the ability to adapt to the shape of the horse. All wool panels are gusseted to allow saddle fitters more adjustability.

* Latex Panels: made from soft latex which does not change shape. The latex panel does not need to be restuffed and offers the rider closer contact.

* Sandwich Panel: a combination of the above. This panel offers advantages of both panels as it smooth on the horses back whilst still being adjustable.

Note: once a saddle has been created with a flocked panel or a latex panel they cannot be exchanged for the other.


What are the saddle leather options?

* Standard – vegetable tanned leather from the best European tanneries

* Double calf leather – soft, non-slip leather for additional comfort

* Grained leather – French vegetable tanned leather


What saddle colours are available?

Every KenTaur saddle can be ordered in Black, Brown or Tobacco. 



What does 'Croc detailing' mean?

Croc detailing is essentially croc skin features that line the front flap and back seat of the saddle, adding a stylish twist. An example can be seen in the image below.

KenTaur saddle croc detailing


What seat sizes are available?

We offer seat sizes in half inch increments from 16" to 18.5" (with smaller sizes available in the Children's saddles).


What can you tell me about the saddle tree?

Almost all Kentaur saddles have a flexible fibreglass tree that is lengthwise reinforced by spring steel. The body of these saddle trees is made of fibreglass with polyester web straps. One exception is the Kentaur 'Titan' Jumping Saddle, which has a new carbon fibre tree (essentially a mix of carbon and kevlar fibres).


What does the 'height of the saddle panel' mean?

Horses with high withers and lower line of the back need a higher saddle panel in the back part of the saddle. Wool stuffed panels (flocked) are available with a +1, +2 or +3cm option.

 Kentaur Australia Saddle panel height

How can I see if my KenTaur saddle fits my horse?

We want all Kentaur saddles to fit perfectly from the day they are purchased. For that reason, we are more than happy for our clients to try the saddles we have available. If we don’t have a saddle suitable for your needs at the time of purchase we can order a saddle to your specification (size, flocked panel/latex panel, style, colour etc). We can also organize for our saddle fitters to be available at the time of trial in Perth (Western Australia) and country areas. For Eastern states riders, saddle fitting is available with Joan Harris in the Victorian area. As well as demo saddles to try throughout Australia, we can arrange saddles to be posted out on a trial basis if needed. Kentaur Australia also offers $100 towards the cost of fitting the saddle for a new or demo saddle. Our saddle fitters can also offer recommendations/advice via email or phone.


How do I go about trialling a saddle? 

We offer a trial service to all Australian customers and to international customers on an individual basis. Saddles can be trialled for up to 2 weeks. 

To take a saddle on trial, purchaser must pay the full cost of the saddle up front. If the saddle is deemed unsuitable for any reason, the purchaser will be refunded the full price of the saddle minus a AU $250 administration fee and any shipping costs incurred. 

Saddle must be returned in the same condition as it was sent (i.e. no marks, adjustments, etc). If damaged, the purchaser will forfeit the cost of the saddle.  


Can I purchase a saddle through ZipMoney? 

You sure can! Our goal at all times is to make sure our customers are happy and able to purchase quality gear that will not 'break the bank' (so to speak!). You can choose how to pay off your saddle when doing your ZipMoney application at checkout. 


What do I do if I feel that my saddle no longer fits?

You can always contact us to arrange a saddle fitter for you, or arrange a saddle fitter yourself to check the fit of your saddle. If the incorrect fit is due to the gullet chamber width or the balance of the saddle front and back, then these issues will be easily corrected by your saddler. If the concern is with the craftsmanship of the saddle or the panel specification then your first point of contact would be us. We are more than happy to discuss any issues you may be experiencing.


How do KenTaur ensure the quality of their saddles?

With regards to the saddle tree, KenTaur provides a warranty on each new saddle - a duration of five years for the tree. In addition, a duration of two years for faulty craftsmanship. If you are experiencing any problems with the craftsmanship of the saddle tree (materials or otherwise) please Contact Us.


How do I choose the right saddle for me?

The right saddle for you is generally a matter of personal taste. The combination of the right saddle for you and your horse is usually the more difficult to pinpoint on your own. In most cases, we can organize for one of our team members (or our saddle fitters) to be available for you at the time of trial, giving you some guidance from the ground as you test ride a selection of our saddles. We always have saddles available for trial; however, they may not be in the size/colour you would prefer.


Are KenTaur saddles made to order?

Yes. The best part about purchasing a KenTaur saddle from us is that each and every saddle is handmade to order. Your saddle will be made by our master saddlers to your specifications. You can rest assured your prized saddle will be created with the utmost craftsmanship, precision and care. We also have a number of saddles in stock at any given time, so if you require a saddle immediately we should be able to cater to your needs. 


If my saddle is made to order, how long will it take for me to receive it?

The downside to having a handcrafted-from-scratch saddle is that it will take slightly longer to produce. We recommend that with the manufacturing process and shipping, your saddle may take 6-8 weeks from the time of order. During this process, we will endeavor to keep you up to date on the progress of your new saddle, and at its time of arrival will provide free shipping to you immediately. If we have a demo saddle available, we are able to offer the use of a Kentaur saddle whilst you are waiting.


Why do all KenTaur saddles have embossed numbers in the leather? 

Every saddle is a unique creation of the craftsmen that manufactured it. In the process, each saddle receives a serial number which partly allows you to determine the month and year the saddle was created. The saddle is also marked with the size of the seat (i.e. 17.5") and the gullet chamber width (i.e. 3).


How can I best care for my KenTaur products?

Each product needs to be cared for and maintained so that it lasts. Each saddle/girth/bridle etc is created with expert craftsmanship and the highest quality materials, and thus the level of care you give them should reflect that. We recommend leather items to be cleaned and greased with leather balm at least once a week, and girths and bridles more often if sweating is excessive. Ensure that the creases in the leather girths are shown special attention. 


Do KenTaur saddles have a guarantee?

Yes. We have a guarantee of 2 years for manufacturing and product faults, and five years for saddle trees (accidents exempted). 


How do you measure a Kentaur Girth?

When measuring one of our girths make sure it's lying flat, and measure from the top of one buckle to the other. All measurements are taken in centimeters.