Cashel Light Mask | Health. Performance. Well-Being

Cashel Light Mask | Health. Performance. Well-Being

Although 2020 hasn't quite come to an end yet, it's time to start thinking about getting your performance horses ready for 2021.

If you want to maximise your horse's health, enhance their coat condition, promote muscle development & positively influence their mood, behaviour and overall well-being then keep on reading… 


The Cashel Light Mask is a rechargeable headpiece that provides the horse with biologically effective levels of blue light. Designed for both competition and leisure horses, this mask can be used in the field, stable and when travelling. 

How does blue light work I hear you ask?

The quality and duration of light exposure is the most critical factor in a horse’s environment. This influences their health, coat, muscle response to exercise and ability to keep condition. Correct lighting strengthens the horse’s internal body rhythms and ensures they are getting the maximum value from their nutrition, training and overall management.

Equilume’s scientifically developed and tested proprietary blue light mimics the stimulatory light wavelengths of sunlight on a long summer day.

The timed blue light helps to strengthen the horse’s circadian rhythms and ensures that every cell in the body functions optimally, keeping your horse healthy inside and out.

How to use it?

Before the first use, the Cashel Light Mask should be fully charged and activated at 8 am using the Equilume Smart Key. The blue light will come on at 8 am and turn off automatically at 11pm each night, providing 15hrs of daylength using biologically effective light that mirrors the qualities of sunlight.

After 7 days, the mask must be recharged. On day 7, remove the mask and charge the cups for 3-4 hrs, the refit the mask to your horse.

For people living in Australia now is the time to start thinking about fitting the Cashel Light Mask to your horses. This will help to maintain their summer coat and muscle condition over summer, making it easier to bring them back into work after Christmas. The summer solstice is on the 22nd of December, which is when the days start to shorten; it is recommended to fit the mask from then. However, as a general rule, the mask should be fitted no later than 21st of January for maintaining a summer coat and peak performance. 

The battery of the Cashel Light Mask has an 18-month lifespan when used continuously and recharged weekly in this manner.

The light mask can be removed for routine grooming and exercise.

It is recommended that the horses are permitted to experience a winter daylength for approximately eight weeks each year. The mask should be removed and deactivated during this time.


The Cashel Light Mask is has been specifically designed for performance horses however, Equilume also make masks for breeding purposes as well. 

For more information on Equilume Light Masks, visit their website or contact us if you have any questions. 

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