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Simplifying FEI Jumping Rules | Young Horse Hind Boots

FEI Jumping Rules, as we know, can be a little overwhelming and confusing on the best of days. So after a few enquiries from our customers about which of our Kentaur boots is approved for young horse classes, we thought we should clear it up and do a little blog post/video on this topic!

The information in this video is only about the FEI Jumping Rules Article 257.2.4 for Saddlery. It discusses the criteria that must be met for all FEI Jumping Competitions for Young Horses (five, six, seven and eight-year-old Horses). This video should only be used as a guide or a visual aid to help understand the rules; for any further clarification, please always refer to the FEI Jumping Rules or ask your local steward at a show!



A brief summary of the FEI Jumping Rules Article 257.2.4 - Hind boots for all FEI Jumping Competitions for Young Horses (five, six, seven and eight-year-old Horses). 

  • Hind boots that have a protective element on the inside only.
  • The boot must have a maximum interior length of 16 cm; the width of the fastener must be at least 5 cm.
  • Hind boots with additional protection for the pastern that extends below the rounded shell on the inside of the boot are allowed providing the protection is made of soft pliable material.
  • The rounded protective element of the boot must be placed around the inside of the fetlock.
  • The inside of the boot must be smooth, that is, the surface must be even and there may not be any pressure points on the inside of the boot; for the avoidance of doubt, stitching on the inside of the protective element that attaches the inner lining to the boot, is permitted.
  • Sheepskin linings are allowed.
  • Only non-elastic Velcro-type fasteners are permitted; no hooks, buckles, clips or other methods of attaching the fasteners may be used. 

If you would like us to do another video on Article 257.2.5 which covers the hind boots allowed at all international Jumping Events and had a rule change as of January 1st 2021, then let us know in the comments below!

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