Why you will LOVE our two new equestrian brands…

Why you will LOVE our two new equestrian brands…

It is with great excitement that we announce that we will be introducing two new equestrian brands to our range! We strive to bring our customers the crème de la crème of equine-related products; and these two newbies are no different.

Little introduction is needed for either of these international brands. Being riders ourselves, we’re always on the lookout for products that meet our own needs. Recently, we’ve been on the lookout for another quality, multi-functional and affordable line of equestrian clothing, and for the horses – a set of the BEST ice boots for recovery and injury rehab. We think we’ve found them! So without further ado, here they are:

House of MontarMontar is a Danish brand that has become renowned worldwide for their fashionable, functional and quality clothing for equestrians. With a tagline ‘no compromise’, they manufacture their goods according to the strictest quality requirements, with most of their range being versatile enough to wear both at the yard and as normal casual wear. 

We are particularly in love with their breeches. With a choice of waist/seat type/’bling’/colour, they are very flattering and extremely comfortable, with just the right amount of stretch. Montar breeches are designed in Denmark but produced in Italy. 

Their designers use the latest in fashion and technical materials to deliver innovative fashion for the modern rider. Whilst our beginning stock is limited, the entire range is available to pre-order with a turnaround of 1-3 weeks. 


EquiFit is another globally recognised equestrian brand. This Massachusetts-based company designs and manufactures technologically advanced products for both horse and rider. Their unique blend of ingenuity and horse world expertise allows them to continuously adapt premium innovations in healthcare and fitness to the needs of equestrians. The result: distinctive products for high performance both in and out of the ring!

We are excited to stock their EquiFit Gel Compression Ice Boots as part of our introductory range. Perfect for both rehabilitation and recovery after performance, they use the latest in sporting technology whilst also being easy-to-use.

 We have been on the lookout for an excellent set of ice boots for our own team of show jumpers for a while now. After extensive research and product analysis, we decided on EquiFit due to the multi-function of the ice as well as the compression. Managing soundness is an ongoing struggle for any performance horse owner, as is rehabilitating horses after soft tissue injuries, and we believe that these boots will be an important tool for any horse owner looking for a practical tool to help them with this.

The GelPaks of these boots adhere to an outer shell that provides air compression via a hand pump, and retain intense cold/heat while conforming and remaining pliable out of the freezer. These innovative boots have received outstanding reviews worldwide for both functions, and we’re excited to add them to our range!  

You can shop both of our new brands at our New Arrivals page

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