3 Things you Didn’t Know About KEP Helmets

3 Things you Didn’t Know About KEP Helmets

As International Helmet Awareness Day (IHAD) draws closer, we thought we would share a few of the top things our customers didn’t know about KEP Helmets. KEP Italia is one of the leading brands of helmet and specialise in bringing safe, innovative and comfortable helmets to the modern rider (they’re also pretty darn stylish!).

Made in Italy, they have lots of custom options to allow you to build your own dream helmet… But they also have some additional features that lots of people aren’t aware of. Here are our top 3:

1- KEP helmets have a choice of Oval or Round helmet liners.

All KEP helmets are available with an outer shell in two different sizes: Medium (this can then fit eight different liner sizes, from 51 to 58) and Large (this fits liner sizes 59 to 62). But KEP Italia believes that the right helmet size is not enough; it must also suit the shape of the rider’s head. They have their removable Coolmax liners available in Oval or Round shapes, to accommodate for different shaped heads and to ensure that your helmet is as comfortable (and safe!) as possible.

2- The helmet has an Air ventilation system that is activated by the front grid button.

It may look like a pretty button for display, but the button in the middle of the front grid is actually used to control the air vents in KEP helmets. This special Air Control System was developed exclusively by KEP Italia to ensure optimum internal temperature based on atmospheric conditions. By pushing it up or down, you can open or close the air vent. This is useful when it’s hot to allow more airflow into the helmet, and when it’s raining to block moisture!

3- KEP Helmets can be purchased with a personalised name plate.

We love the added touch of a silver or gold name plate on a custom KEP Helmet! These can even be ordered separately after the purchase of a helmet, and are very easy to apply. The name plate can include a maximum of 16 characters.

Of course, there are lots of other amazing features that make KEP Italia one of the leading brands of helmet across the globe, including the amazing custom options, safety innovations, removable liners, free carry bags, and more. Check out our blog post on How to Design your Dream KEP Helmet for more details.

So, there you have our top 3 little-known facts about KEP helmets. But what is International Helmet Awareness Day (IHAD), I hear you ask? IHAD is a campaign event that was started 8 years ago to educate riders on the importance of helmet safety and maintenance. Being held on the 18-19 August this year, the event is set to break the record for the number of participating retailers. Many different helmet brands are participating, including KEP Italia.   

As a participating retailer, we will be offering 10% off all our helmets (including those on pre-order) for the duration of IHAD. We strive to keep our helmet prices as low as they possibly can be, and therefore almost never discount them… So don’t miss out!

We offer various finance options (AfterPay, ZipMoney, & Sezzle) and have free postage on all our orders. Shop our range of KEP helmets here.

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