Why use Shaped Anatomical Girths?

Why use Shaped Anatomical Girths?

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Most of us probably don’t think twice about what shape of girth we use on our horses, let alone something as fancy as an anatomical girth. After all, there are so many other tack related matters to worry about, right?!
Well, what if this could be a major factor in enhancing the performance of your horse; or even reducing discomfort? Depending on your horse’s shape, it can have a considerable impact on the way he/she travels.

Take large shouldered horses, for example. A normal straight girth on these horses will tend to pull the saddle forward, as the girth naturally wants to lie in the groove directly below the horse’s withers. This can then lead to the tree points digging into the horse’s shoulders, which will eventually make them sore (and reduce their range of motion).
Anatomical girths are designed to allow the saddle to sit further back off the shoulders, whilst still allowing the girth straps to line up with the girth buckles. In this way, they help stop the saddle from being pulled forward and down onto the horse’s shoulders, providing maximum room for the elbow and shoulder; particularly useful for extravagant movers and those with large shoulder action.

It can also be effective on rounder horses with not much of a wither, helping to keep the saddle where it is supposed to sit. We also stock Non-Slip Saddle Pads that can help with this.

In summary, if you have a horse that is tight in the shoulders or perhaps reluctant to move forward, it may be worth trying an anatomical girth (as well as have your saddle assessed by a qualified fitter). Not only can they help make your horse more comfortable, but they can aid in improving the forwardness, looseness, and shoulder action of your horse.

Our range of anatomical girths include:

Kentaur ‘Geneva’ Dressage Girth

Kentaur ‘Paris’ Stud Girth

Kentaur ‘Dijon’ Long Girth 

Kentaur ‘Parma’ Dressage Girth

Kentaur ‘Geneva’ Dressage Girth with Sheepskin

Kentaur ‘Padova Extra Soft’ Dressage Girth

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Mrs Camamile
Mrs Camamile

I use a 140cm girth using a regular girth type. If I ordered a kentaur girth what size would I need,?

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