Lorenzini Dressage V Jumping Stirrups: What’s the Difference?

Lorenzini Dressage V Jumping Stirrups: What’s the Difference?

Lorenzini Titanium Stirrups are renowned worldwide for being one of the most comfortable, innovative and safest designs of riding stirrups. Made with a mixture of titanium and aluminium, these Italian-made stirrups have a refined ergonomic design to allow easy foot release in an emergency, as well as prompt balance recovery. The materials themselves are light, yet extremely durable and resistant to stress, which combined with their sleek look, make them the favoured choice of top riders across the globe.

We are often asked what the difference is between the Jumping and Dressage versions of these stirrups. This can be summed up into two key differences: the width and the tread.

Lorenzini Jumping Stirrups:

These essentially are wider across the foot plate (6.5cm) with the classic titanium tread. They are perfect for jumping as they allow maximum stability when in the jumping position with the weight of the rider predominately in the stirrup.

Lorenzini Dressage Stirrups:

These are shorter across the foot plate (5cm) with a rubber tread instead of the titanium tread. Designed in conjunction with top level dressage riders, they are slightly lighter than the jumping version. Also available with a 6.5cm foot plate.

Both of these versions are available in a range of bright colours, with a choice of shiny or matte surface. You can shop our full range of Lorenzini Stirrups here

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