What is the difference between a De Gogue and a Chambon?

What is the difference between a De Gogue and a Chambon?

We are often asked what the main differences are between two training aids that we stock: the Chambon and the De Gogue. Whilst similar in look, they both serve different purposes.

The De Gogue, a piece of tack that was developed by French horseman Rene Gogue, is very popular in Europe. It is designed to encourage the horse to raise the neck, free the shoulders and engage the hocks. It can be used whilst lunging as well as riding, and has two settings for adjustability.


The Chambon, on the other hand, can only be used for lunging. It was developed as a means to help build up the muscles in the back and top line, applying pressure the poll and mouth of the horse when he raises his head. This pressure is released when the horse stretches long and low. 
Both our KenTaur Gogue Training Aid as well as our KenTaur Chambon Training Aid include elastic components. 


With both devices, the horse needs to be encouraged to work forward and with impulsion to prevent going on the forehand. We would only recommend use of these training aids by experienced riders or under the guidance of a professional.

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