Soless Visors: The New ‘Must-Have’ for Equestrians

Soless Visors: The New ‘Must-Have’ for Equestrians

It’s official. I have deemed the Soless equestrian visors a must-have in my riding wardrobe. Their superior UV protection, practicality and (dare I say it!) stylish look makes them a fantastic investment for ANY rider.

 As an initial sceptic of these visors, I wasn’t overly keen to be the guinea-pig when they first arrived to us from the US early last year. I thought they resembled flying saucers, and, being quite conservative in most things when it comes to riding wear (except socks!), I wasn’t sold on the look of them. However, when I learned just how much they block the harsh Australian UV rays (92% of them, to be exact), I knew I had to try one. 

So, how do they work? Essentially, they attach to your helmet (over the top of the peak, with a clip or Velcro attachment – depending on which style you buy – at the back). I have even worn mine over my cap whilst lunging. The transparent poly-carbonate material filters sunlight without impeding vision, providing full spectrum coverage and shade; a must-have for Australian riders being exposed to the harsh summer rays!

There is also a small attachment clip to keep it in place when it’s windy. This essentially clips the visor to the peak of the helmet (I would recommend looking it up on YouTube if you’re not sure how to attach these), providing extra stability. They may look bulky, but these visors are super duper lightweight! I also love how easy to put on they are… I am on the minimalist (lazy) side when it comes to riding gear, so the fact that I’ve adopted this as part of my daily riding wardrobe is saying something for its ease of use.

So, overall, it’s a BIG yes from me. I have even come to like the look of them; besides, who wants to cook for looks?! We have these cutting-edge equestrian visors available in both the Velcro style (in colours Black and Navy), and the Classic clip style (with Silver or Gold piping), with free shipping and AfterPay/ZipMoney available.

A final note: make sure you remove the film when your visor arrives! We send all our visors in boxes to protect them whilst travelling, but there is also a protective film that needs to be peeled off before use.

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