The new Montar leather range has landed!

The new Montar leather range has landed!

We couldn’t contain our excitement when the Montar leather range finally landed here at Kentaur Australia. Being the Montar Australian distributors, we are already huge fans of this Danish equestrian brand; their clothing is fashionable yet versatile, high quality yet still affordable.

So, why are we so excited about their new leather range?

Innovative design:

We love that the bridles are made with the anatomy of the horse in mind. For example, the Montar ‘Monarch’ Bridle has an adjustable comfort poll headpiece, with the strap making it possible to adjust the angle of the cheekpieces to give a perfect fit along the horse’s ears and cheek. The soft padding combined with the gap on the top of the headpiece minimizes pressure on the sensitive neck and ear area.

In the ‘Normandie’ bridle, there is a detachable flash strap on the noseband, giving you the possibility to switch between using the bridle with or without the flash noseband. The loop can be completely removed by pushing it between the padding and top leather. The noseband itself has a pullback closing with a softly padded cushion to protect the jaw bones.

Modern look:

What’s not to love about the sleek, modern look of this collection? Not only are the pieces horse friendly with their pressure-sensitive designs, but they’re super stylish. Curved browbands look good on any horse; even those with faces ‘only a mother could love’!

Top quality ECO Sedgewick leather:

All products in this range are made from the finest European Sedgewick-leather. This leather is ecologically tanned to reduce the risk of irritation and allergic reactions from the horse. The gentle processing also gives a super soft and durable end result (think comfort that lasts!).


Finish is everything! All the pieces have a high level of detail for that little extra bit of ‘wow’. The outer loops are lined with rubber so that you don’t have to bother with loose straps while riding. Four different types of reins, including web, soft leather, leather + rubber, and leather + rubber with hand stoppers, are available; meaning you can choose the reins that feel best for YOU.

If you’re after personalisation, the browbands can be removed when on the horse… They even have a bling range if that tickles your fancy!

The Montar leather range, including bridles, a breastplate, reins, and browbands can be viewed on our website! You can shop our current Montar Leather range here.

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