3 reasons why Kask Helmets have taken the equestrian market by storm

3 reasons why Kask Helmets have taken the equestrian market by storm

Kask Helmets have officially landed here at Kentaur Australia! We try our best to provide our customers with they want, and let’s say just say this… You asked and we delivered! Keep reading if you’re interested in pre-ordering your dream Kask today.

Kask are an Italian brand that specialise in designing and making sports helmets of the highest quality. Established in 2004, they have a focus on technological excellence, functionality, safety and comfort – all made in Italy, of course! Here are the top 3 reasons that we (and the worldwide equestrian market) are loving these helmets:

  1. Outer & Inner Shell – Made from ABS plastic, the shell is resistant and lightweight. This is then covered with a special textile material that is waterproof, scratch-resistant and washable. This means that your Kask will stay looking newer for longer! The inner shell is made from three levels of densities to ensure total shock absorption, comfort, and lightness.
  2. Padding & Ventilation – Comfortable and breathable, the inner pad is made from 100% merino wool: a natural antibacterial fiber that provides a unique amount of breathability and thermoregulation. This combined with two honeycomb-like aeration grids built into the helmet provides high volumes of cooling airflow to provide ultimate comfort for the rider.
  3. Fit System – Introduced for the first time on the Equestrian market, Kask’s patented Fit System allows for the helmet to perfectly and automatically fit on the riders head by gently cradling the back of the head, ultimate safety guaranteed because let’s face it, we only get one head…

So by this point, you have probably typed Kask into our website search bar only to find we have Dogma Chrome Light and Star Lady available to preorder. Fear Not! We are a new stockist for Kask and we like to take our own high-quality natural photos of our products to provide you with a great customer experience and we can’t order the whole range in one go (as much as we would like to) as there are 22 different Kask helmets to choose from.

Kask websitewe are confident that you will find a Kask helmet that meets your needs. Then send us an email info@kentauraustralia.com to get a quote and estimated delivery time! It’s as easy as that.

Now here is the best part… In a Kask helmet, you get the flawless Italian styling, quality, and safety but they now have a warehouse in Sydney. So for all our Australian customers wanting to preorder a Kask helmet, you can get it in the nick of time! Typically it will depend on where we are in our ordering cycle, but if they have the helmet in stock it will take up to 3 weeks for us to receive it. If the warehouse needs to order it in, it will be closer to 5 weeks.


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