New colour options at Kentaur Australia #MatchyMatchy

New colour options at Kentaur Australia #MatchyMatchy

Our custom-made saddles have always been a point of difference here at Kentaur Australia. We pride ourselves in being able to consistently create saddles that fit a vast range of riders, horses and disciplines, as almost every aspect of our saddles is customisable.  

This blog post will discuss the more artistic side of creating a saddle, and some of the new products KenTaur are offering to provide you with some matchy-matchy goodness. If you are after a more in-depth discussion on the mechanics and design behind our saddles, go to our previous blog post, Why Buy a Custom-Made Saddle?



As most of you know, the majority of saddle manufacturers these days create saddles with coloured piping. However, we are pretty lucky here at Kentaur because we actually offer two different styles of coloured piping, and recently there has been a little confusion on what colours are available in which styles. So, we thought we would use this opportunity to clarify this and tell you about an exciting new product we have to offer!


Coloured Piping Style #1 - Flat Coloured Piping


Flat coloured piping is the original style of coloured piping that KenTaur produced. It's simple in design and perfect for those that want a little colour in their life, but don't want the whole world to know about it. It runs along either side of the seat from the pommel to the cantle. Colours included in this style of coloured piping are; white, silver, beige, gold, orange, brown, black, red, wine red, navy, green & pink. Saddles can also be created with contrast stitching in the same colour as the piping.

Coloured Piping Style #2 - Coloured Piping (including stirrup leather keepers)

The piping in this style sits between the seat and the panel of the saddle. As you have probably gathered from the title, this style includes the stirrup leather keepers as well. It was designed when KenTaur launched the Kronos Jumping Saddle; however, it's available on all our models. This style of piping is for those people wanting to stand out from the crowd with some of their favourite colours including; white, beige, grey, pink, blue & red. Again, you can also opt to have matching contrast stitching.

Now, you're probably all wondering what the new product is, and let us tell you if you like to colour coordination you're going to love it.


An all-time favourite got a makeover


If you follow us on social media, you might have seen a little sneak peek that one of our all-time favourite breastplates got a makeover? Well if you missed it, the Kentaur 'Napoli' Breastplate is now available with coloured piping, the same coloured piping options as style #2. We have only had a hand full of these Napoli Breastplates with coloured piping arrive in Australia so far, but we have had rave reviews! So, if colour coordination is your thing, this is the breastplate for you!



For more information on saddle customisation head to our website. We have lots of new & demo saddles available to try, and while the shows are suspended, what better time to sort out a new saddle for you and your horse. We have lots of finance options available, and if you purchase a new saddle with us you will also receive 30% off all accessories, so that's a new breastplate, girth and stirrup leathers to match!


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