Kentaur 'Napoli' Breastplate with Coloured Piping

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The Kentaur ‘Napoli’ Breastplate with Coloured Piping is a simple and smart 3-point breastplate, with clips that attach to the saddle D rings, and one under the belly. It comes with a detachable martingale, and offers 3 different D rings on where you can place it. The lower on the breastplate that you attach the martingale, the more stable the horse’s head will be.

The breastplate is fully adjustable to obtain an ideal fit, and includes small elastic inserts for extra give with the horse’s movements. 

Sold with loose ring martingale attachment.

The Napoli Breastplate can come with white, beige, black, red, blue or pink piping. This means that your breastplate can match your Kentaur saddle!