Which KenTaur Jump Saddle is right for you?

Which KenTaur Jump Saddle is right for you?

A highly regarded producer of saddles in Europe, KenTaur has now gained recognition in the Australian market as a quality yet affordable brand of premium saddle. As the Australian distributors of these saddles, we often receive questions about the difference between the styles. In this blog post, we will cover some of the main differences between the jump saddles we have available to buy.

  • The ‘Naxos‘: with a deeper seat and smallish knee rolls, it is a good entry jumping saddle with a lot of support. The Naxos helps to keep your lower leg in a more forward position.
Kentaur ‘Naxos’ Jumping Saddle
  • The ‘Triton‘: this saddle was designed specifically for broad horses. It has very short tree points, is fairly flat in the seat and has an enlarged panel contact to improve weight distribution.
Kentaur ‘Triton’ Jump Saddle
  • The ‘Titan‘: has a slightly bigger knee roll and flat to medium seat. It has a carbon fibre tree, making it lightweight yet still strong, flexible and comfortable for the horse. One of our best-sellers and a great choice for professional show jumpers.


    Kentaur ‘Titan’ Jumping saddle
  • The ‘Kronos‘: released in 2018, this state-of-the-art new saddle has been developed over many years by professional riders. Unlike the Naxos, it is flatter and more cut forward. It also includes a new WEBFLEX tree and memory foam knee flaps.
Kentaur ‘Kronos’ Jumping Saddle
  • Eventer‘: this eventing saddle is a monoflap style that allows close contact with the horse. It has large front and medium back blocks for additional security on the cross-country course. It has a medium deep seat and a square cantle.
Kentaur ‘Eventer’ Saddle
  • Performer: also a monoflap eventing saddle, it has smaller, more anatomical front knee rolls.
Kentaur ‘Performer’ Saddle

Kentaur Australia offers a made-to-order saddle service (we also hold a number in stock at any given time). If you would like to learn more about the saddle production process, check out our previous blog post.

 All of the saddles feature a changeable gullet by an accredited saddle fitter, and we can alter details such as the length or projection of the saddle flaps, the leather type, the colour of the stitching, the colour of the fittings, and in some cases the choice in style of knee rolls. For more details about these options and purchasing a saddle in general, check out our Saddle FAQ page or simply contact us!

Which KenTaur jump saddle is your favourite?

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