The reviews are in: Montar Leather Range

The reviews are in: Montar Leather Range

The Montar leather range has been in Australia for nearly 6 months now and to say we are impressed is an understatement. In our previous blog, we discussed Montar’s innovative design, attention-to-detail and the benefits of the ECO Sedgewick leather. 

Montar Excellence Bridle

This blog post will dissect each style of the bridle in further detail and provide you with some of the customer feedback we have received.

Normandie: Top comfort without compromising the elegant look!

Normandie is a classical and ergonomic bridle made in brown & black Montar leather with stainless steel buckles. Normandie’s open headpiece lets the bridle adjust to the unique shape of every horse. Thanks to the V-gap and the soft padding at the sides, the neck can move freely and lets even the most sensitive horse relax and focus.

The noseband is completely detachable. The loop can be removed, by pushing it between the padding. This gives you the possibility to switch between using the bridle with or without the flash noseband whenever you feel like – of course without compromising the classic look. The noseband has pullback closings, with a softly padded cushion to protect the jawbones.

“I love my House of Montar Normandie Bridle! It has so many ergonomic features, is very adjustable and the craftsmanship is exceptional. This bridle is perfect for training in but is also stylish enough for competitions!” – Annarose Reilly

Monarch: When the comfort of the horse is the first priority!

This specially designed headpiece has an adjustable strap at the back, which makes it possible to adjust the angle of the cheekpieces to give a perfect fit along the horse’s ears and cheek. Featuring super-soft padding, combined with the gap on top of the headpiece to minimizes pressure on the sensitive neck and ear area.

The Monarch noseband is designed to avoid pressure on the mouth and jaw area of the horse. Soft curves make space for the facial nerves and the big back teeth, while the softly padded leather protects the jaw bone.

“The Monarch bridle was the best thing I did for my horse… I have a sensitive TB mare who doesn’t like flash nosebands. The way the Monarch is designed means it avoids all the sensitive areas on her head and she’s never been happier. Not only does the leather feel amazing it also looks stunning as well! I also bought a blingy browband and it clips on and off so easily! I couldn’t be happier ” – Taylah Ridley


Excellence: Give your horse the freedom to perform!

The soft curves of the Excellence noseband are designed to avoid pressure on the sensitive mouth and jaw area of the horse, while the back strap keeps the noseband in the correct place. The high back strap makes room for the bit to move without interference and gives you direct contact to the horse’s mouth. Soft padding is added to the noseband to limit the pressure on the bridge of the nose.

This anatomic neckpiece is cut behind the ears to give more space for sensitive horses with a narrow poll area.

“I love the softness of the padding over the horse’s nose and the way the headpiece is cut behind the ears, I feel this is more comfortable for the horse. I also love how the browbands are ‘click on and off’ they are so easy to interchange without having to take the bridle apart. Great for shows when your changing browbands to suit each horse. The rubber inside the keepers is great on the cheek straps, as they don’t budge at all!” – Laurelle Hayes

Montar Lyon Bridle

Lyon – The most elegant figure 8 bridle…

The bridle is ergonomically designed and made in black or brown Montar leather and with stainless steel buckles. The specially designed Montar headpiece has an adjustable strap at the back, which makes it possible to adjust the angle of the cheekpieces to give a perfect fit along the horse’s ears and cheek. Super-Soft padding combined with the gap on top of the headpiece minimizes pressure on the sensitive neck and ear area.

The Lyon noseband has soft and thick padding along the cheeks and on the disc on the nose bridge to avoid rubs and pressure on the bones.

“This is the ultimate competition bridle. The leather is exquisite and has a beautiful rich colour. Available in black or brown with stainless steel fittings, this bridle completely adjustable and the sizing is spot on. The white stitching gives it a subtle yet elegant look which brings this bridle to life! The Lyon was designed with the horse’s pressure points in mind, featuring an anatomical headpiece and noseband to avoid the sensitive areas. I honestly can’t fault this bridle.” – Charlotte Calabrese 

All Montar Bridles…

  1. Are available in black or brown, sizes pony to extra full.
  2. Are approved for use in FEI Jumping, Dressage and Eventing competitions for horses and ponies.
  3. The outer keepers are lined with rubber so they don’t come loose while riding. 
  4. Reins are sold separately.
  5. Nosebands can be purchased separately.


All bridles are sold with a classic browband which has soft padding and an elegant curve to highlight the expression of the horse. The browbands are easy to remove and can be changed even when the bridle is in use.  Montar has a large variety of stunning colours in their crystal browband range as well! 

Mighty Browband – Pink/Peach

For more information on the Montar Leather Range click here.

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