Stamping his hoof print: Pico Bello

Stamping his hoof print: Pico Bello

Pico Bello KWPN is one of those imposing horses that you can’t help but admire. His rich, red bay colour, striking white face and intelligent eye give him an almost regal look… Which, when looking down the line at his children, is almost always passed on.

Looks aside, it’s the other things that made Pico Bello special in my mind. It’s the beautifully balanced canter that floats across the ground. It’s the smooth but incredibly powerful jump, with a brain behind it that WANTS to fly over bright-coloured sticks. It’s the scarily intelligent personality that, while sometimes gets him and his children into mischief, is also so very lovable and is so adaptable to new environments.

 This adaptability was evident from an early age. Born in Belgium, Pico Bello was exported to New Zealand as a 5-year-old to be both a jumping and breeding stallion. Here, he competed successfully with Ike Unsworth of Mount View Sport Horses, winning and placing in numerous Grand Prix show jumping competitions throughout the country. He was consequently purchased by David and Linda Dobson in 2008 to be campaigned in Australia.

He took to ‘Aussie life’ like a fish to water, and in his first year of competition here he won the Western Australia Grand Prix series. He easily stepped up to World Cup level, winning the World Cup in Perth and placing in many others. After proving himself time and time again in show jumping competitions across Australia, he was purchased by young rider Pascale Young, with whom he placed 3rd in the Australian Young Rider Championship with in 2012.

So where is he now? Pico Bello is currently residing at Kentaur Australia in Bullsbrook, Western Australia. The past few years have seen him become one of the most prominent jumping sires in the state; just last year, two of his progeny won the Overall Young Showjumping Horse and Young Event

Horse respectively. I myself am lucky enough to own a 3 year-old Pico Bello x Vivant, and have been extremely impressed with his trainability, ridiculously balanced canter, scope and outstanding brain. We definitely need more of these in the country!!

For more information about Pico bello and his five-star international pedigree, check out his stallion page. You can also read about what mares he is suited to at one of our previous blog posts, Breeding Recommendations for Kentaur Australia Stallions.

A few of Pico Bello’s progeny…

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