Is it Tucci Time?

Is it Tucci Time?

   Founder and designer Franco Tucci believes that what you wear is the extension of a person’s identity. Elegant aesthetic that is genuinely wearable, carrying perfection through to the details.

The collection Tucci Time has been conceived to match his idea of the ultimate luxury experience, to Time. It’s freedom, simplicity, functional comfort and ageless beauty. 

What size are you?

Tucci Time have a range of off the shelf sizes available that fit 95% of riders wanting an Italian made boot that fit like a second-skin. Measuring your calf correctly is imperative to making sure you choose the correct Tucci Time Long boot. There are two calf measurements (cm) that need to be taken with your usual riding breeches and socks on.

Width (cm) of calf - This measurement is taken around the widest part of the calf while standing. 

Heigh (cm) of lower leg - This measurement is taken from the ground, to the crease in the back of the knee. Take this measurement while standing with the knee slightly bent. 

What is your European foot size?


Now you know what calf size and foot size you are, CLICK HERE to view the TUCCI TIME SIZE CHART


What happens if you don't fit into the off the shelf sizes?

We can special order you completely custom made Tucci Time long boots. Please note that this requires you to come in store (Perth, WA) to be measured up by one of our staff members. Please CONTACT US for more information and pricing. 


What colours are available?

All styles of Tucci Time long boots are available in black, brown, blue, red & grey. 


Looking for Swarovski, punched or patent leather detail?

Harley crystals

Marilyn crystals 

Marilyn punched & patent leather


There are many different variations of detailing, check out their website / instagram page for inspiration and get in touch with us for a quote. 

We have many Tucci boots in stock and ready to buy so enjoy browsing our extensive range! 




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