How to Design Your Dream KEP Helmet

How to Design Your Dream KEP Helmet

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and purchase a KEP Helmet; one of the safest, most stylish and undeniably practical helmets on the market. Perhaps you’re upgrading from a lesser brand, perhaps you’re simply replacing an older model. But either way, you want to get it right… This is your hard-earned money you’re spending, after all!

But configuring your dream KEP helmet can take a bit of time. You love all the features and benefits of a KEP Helmet (you can read more about these at our blog post Why KEP Italia really have ‘Superior Helmets’), but you also know that there are LOTS of customisation options. From the shell, front and rear textures, visor size, frame, inner liner size, strap colour and more… The options are almost endless!

Firstly, and possibly our most frequently asked question: What is the difference between the textures?

The first thing you need to decide in constructing your custom KEP helmet is the Shell colour and texture. The Shell is the main outside part of the helmet, and is available in the following textures: Shine, Textile, Polish, Texturised (aka ‘Mica’) and Velvet. Each of these textures are then available in different colours. Our favourite texture is the Texturised/Mica; this has a slightly rougher surface that doesn’t scratch easily and glimmers in the sunlight. The Textile is more of a matte colour with a smoother surface, whilst the Polish and Shine are completely smooth and shiny (the shine is ‘glossier’ than the polish). Below are examples of some of these.

Left to right: the ‘Mica’/Texturised and Textile in black

Next, you need to decide on the texture of the front part of the helmet (not including the grid). The textures available on this part include: Shine, Textile, Polish, Lace, Python, Leather, Texturised, Velvet, Fabrics (including the glitteriest glitter you could ever ask for), Special Leather (including Ostrich and Snake), and Special Stones. We would recommend playing around on the configurator to see what look you like the best.

Once you’ve decided on the front texture, it’s on to the rear. These options are the same as the front.

The final texture option is on the visor, which essentially is available in a plain size, polo size (aka wider brim) and without a visor (aka ‘jockey’). It can be Textile, Polish, Mica, Leather, Velvet or Shine.

Can I change the helmet strap colour?

Absolutely! In fact, there are 15 different colour options that you can choose from (including pink, blue and green if you’re adventurous!).

What size of liner should I choose?

All KEP Italia Helmets are available in two different shell sizes: medium and large. Within these, you can change the size of the liner; a medium accommodates for liner sizes 51-58, and a large for sizes 59-62. We find that KEP tends to be slightly smaller in sizing than other brands, so would recommend trying a KEP helmet liner prior to ordering to work out what size is best for you. In saying that, we stock all the liners and are happy to exchange if yours doesn’t fit.

What if I have a weirdly shaped head?

KEP helmet liners are now available in oval or round shapes. Make sure you tell us when you send your configuration if you would like a specially shaped liner, as this is not yet on the configurator. 

What happens if my custom helmet is damaged in the first 12 months?

KEP Italia has a 50% off accident policy for the first 12 months. So, if you have an accident in this time and the helmet is damaged, you can purchase a replacement for 50% off.

How long will it take to get here?

This typically depends on where we are in the ordering cycle. We usually get new orders in from Italy every 2 weeks, so you won’t have to wait too long. However, if you’re ordering a more extravagant helmet, such as with the Python or Zebra textures, it can take up to 5 weeks to arrive; these tend to take longer to be cleared from customs.

How do I configure my helmet, and how do I get a price?

The best way to configure your dream KEP helmet is via the KEP configurator. You can then press ‘Receive configuration’ (this will email your design) and forward it through to us at We will then reply with a price. Whilst the configurator doesn’t yet show prices of each helmet aspect, you can get a general gist of the more expensive materials by looking at our general helmet range. Essentially, those finished with special stones (e.g. Swarovksi crystals or Rhodonite), special leather, fabrics, python or lace are more expensive than the standard options.

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