Breeding Recommendations for Kentaur Australia Stallions

Breeding Recommendations for Kentaur Australia Stallions

I am often asked what stallion I recommend. Which one is the best. Which one will produce that superstar that we all want.. Here is my answer.

I think the secret lies in YOU and YOUR mare. I believe it is important how well you know your mare. Things like her temperament, ridability, quality of paces, conformation and breeding history. You need to understand the shortcomings, as well as the strong points. All these play a crucial role in breeding.

If you are trying to decide which of our stallions to use in the future, I would like to give you an insight into my breeding recommendations.

Kentaur Australia has three stallions on site, and two others available externally.

Pico Bello

Pico Bello certainly passes on his traditional head! More often than not, this also comes with his fantastic mind. His progeny are very straightforward to train and suit amateur riders when started correctly. He is well suited to mares that are less trainable and have an average canter. He also suits mares with the potential to throw a bigger horse (unless you are trying to breed ponies), preferably with more thoroughbred blood. Lack of scope is not a problem, and neither are heavy mares. Surprisingly, he does not throw heavy foals; even when coupled with a heavier mare. He will improve wide chested mares that are longer in the back. He is also suited to mares with a better than average trot.

Pico Bello is the sire of 2015 Champion Young Event Horse, Pico Bam, as well as 2015 Champion Young Show Jumping Horse, Palm Beach.

Pico Bello KWPN

Absolute Ego Z

Absolute Ego Z throws good sized horses; you don’t have to worry about breeding him to a smaller or a maiden mare. He adds scope and length of rein, and consistently passes on his fantastic trainability. He almost always improves the head. Ideally he is suited to a mare with a strong back end as he always seems to improve the front. I would not recommend him for a mare that is long in the back or very old-fashioned. He suits a more modern type of mare, and his progeny would suit an amateur rider with the correct start. He is perfect for mares that are hard to get in foal. He has produced triplets on more than one occasion, and always gets the more difficult mares in foal.

Absolute Ego Z

Noblewood Park Calibre

Noblewood Park Calibre passes on his fantastic uphill canter and, being a smaller framed stallion, he is perfect for the old fashioned mares. In his foals, he improves all three paces; especially trot and canter. He adds cadence and athleticism. He suits middle-sized to taller mares that lacks ability. Even though I don’t normally recommend breeding to mares with very flat feet (as from my experience it is very hereditary), Calibre can help to counter this in his foals. He is an explosive jumper, and his progeny are suited to amateurs under instructions.

Noblewood Park Calibre

Concorde Ego Z (Now gelded – contact us for info on frozen semen)

Concorde Ego Z is all about the scope. He passes on his jump and rhythmic canter. He suits smaller to middle-sized mares with good length of rein. His progeny are blessed with powerful hindquarters and pretty heads, as well as his easy going temperament. He is strong in passing his grey gene. His progeny are potentially suited to an average rider with guidance.

Concorde Ego Z

You can read more about our stallions and breeding program here.

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