Brand Spotlight: The Story of FairPlay

Brand Spotlight: The Story of FairPlay

We are often asked by our Australian customers who ‘FairPlay’ Equestrian are, and what makes their products different. As a distributor of numerous high profile equestrian brands, we see FairPlay as more of an ‘upcoming’ brand; though it is certainly starting to make its mark in continental Europe, where people love their fun, unique and quality products.

Based in Polland, they have been operating for nearly a decade. Our Director, Lucy Galovicova, travelled there in 2015 and immediately knew it was a winner.

“I had spent 5 years looking for our next brand of affordable but quality equestrian wear that was the right ‘fit’ for the Kentaur Australia range. Unfortunately, most of the brands I came across were actually made in China (despite being based in Europe). We all know that finding quality European brands at a lower price point can be tricky… I was very lucky to come across FairPlay, that’s for sure!”

So just what makes the FairPlay range so great? First and foremost would be their fresh and unique designs that cater to the tastes of the modern rider. Many of their products are colourful (and able to be colour-coordinated!), with unique designs and patterns designed to make you stand out from the crowd. They now also have a range of modern products for the horse, with different collections coming out each year.

On top of this, their prices are very affordable considering the quality of the products. This makes them accessible to both the everyday rider wanting to be decked out in quality gear, to the modern competitive rider looking to stand out from the crowd.

Some of our favourites from the FairPlay range include:

The FairPlay ‘Beau’ Womens Competition Jacket

This exclusive new dressage jacket has caused a lot of excitement among our customers. With its unique ‘mini tails’ cut designed to flatter, it is also adorned with eye-catching studs and a bow on the middle back. We think it’s a great product that is filling a relatively unmet need in the market; dressage riders that are competing at a lower level that aren’t yet able to wear tails, or don’t want to wear show jumping jackets!

The FairPlay ‘Niagara’ Rain Coat

A must have for anyone riding in the wet weather! Completely waterproof and lightweight with zipped pockets and a hood.

The FairPlay ‘Doreen’ Womens Competition Shirt

This colourful show shirt has a unique look, with a trio of ruffles across the front and crystals on the collar.

The FairPlay ‘Anja’ Vest 

This is a definite favourite among staff at Kentaur Australia, with at least one person usually repping it every day! This lightweight vest has a soft down filling with convenient pockets… And is available in a range of different colours to suit your tastes.

Check out our entire FairPlay collection here!

Please note that all of our products from the FairPlay range are available to pre-order, so if you see something that you like but that isn’t in stock, we can get it for you!

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