ACE Assessment Day 2016 – Wrap Up

ACE Assessment Day 2016 – Wrap Up

The day dawned cold, rainy and wet for our 2016 Ace Assessment and Open Day at Kentaur Australia; a stark contrast to the 40*C + heat wave of last years assessment! Luckily, this didn’t deter the owners, spectators and shoppers from a great day of learning and fun.


The ACE Group Inc. is an Australian wide registration service that is open to all warmblood performance horses and ponies. A member of the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses (WBFSH), they provide Australian breeders a worldwide market for their horses. Over 160 horses and ponies were assessed throughout four states in Australia in the 2016 ACE Breeding Inspection and Assessment Tour, which had its final leg here at Kentaur Australia!

Nineteen horses from across Western Australia were assessed, including a few of our own youngstock and stallions. This involved tests of conformation and movement, with some liberty time to judge the free movement, as well as ridden and jumping assessments (including free jumping) for horses of an eligible age.

Overall, there were five ELITE and two PREMIUM awards – with six of these going to Kentaur Australia horses (Kentaur Adele, Palm Beach, Kentaur Achilla, Kentaur Invictus, Noblewood Park Argentina, and Noblewood Park Calibre).

The assessor, Gerd Kuest, has spent 45 years involved in horse breeding with a high degree of success. From Germany, he is an international accredited judge as well as an official German Breeding Judge, judging in Europe and Australia. It was fantastic to have such a knowledgeable assessor providing the crowd with feedback about why he marked each horse as he did. The full results of the SA and WA Assessments can be found here.

We also had our mobile shop open, with some awesome sales (including 25% off ALL Kentaur gear!!) as well as new brands and products for 2016 on show. A few of our leftover sales items can be viewed here.

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