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Kentaur ‘Therapy Wave’ Magnetic Hind Thermo-bandages

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The Kentaur ‘Therapy Wave’ Magnetic Hind Thermo-bandages are a pair of therapy boots designed to increase blood flow to the lower limbs and aid in fluid reduction. Covering from just below the knee to the pastern, these boots are easy to fit and remove with four Velcro straps. They are a great substitute for traditional bandages and pads, taking out the risk of bowing a tendon from incorrect bandaging.


They are suitable for travelling your horse, overnight use at shows or every day use at home, and are perfect for horses prone to getting swollen legs, older horses or just to aid in recovery after competing.


The outer surface of the boot is made of neoprene, and the removable inner part is made of a soft wrap – the whole boot can be washed.

*Price is for the pair

Available in a matching front pair. Colour: Black.


Kentaur ‘Therapy Wave’ Magnetic Hind Thermo-bandages Hind Stable Boots