Absolute Ego Z (IFS)

Absolute Ego Z won the Swan River Young Horse Championships on the 20 June 2015, placed 4th in 2016 and 5th in 2017.

Bred in NSW by Linda Mayer and hand-picked as an 8 month old, Michael is one of the only stallions in Australia by Air Jordan Z. Air Jordan Z is an Oldenburg-bred stallion, a descendant of the world famous Argentinus (Argentan I x Duden II). Argentinus is a renowned producer of top-class showjumping horses, such as World Cup winner Anka (ridden by Marcus Ehing), the Olympic jumping stallion Adlantus As (ridden by Lars Nieberg) and the successful Arko III (ridden by Nick Skelton). Argentinus has been named Hannover’s Stallion of the year and is still today one of the best sires in Germany.

On his dams side, Air Jordan carries the blood of the well-known Hanoverian Sprudelquelle-lineage, which goes back to the mare Franziska. This remarkable mare forms the foundation of more than ten licensed stallions. The Franziska family was distinguished by the Hanoverian studbook with a champion’s title.

At the age of 7, Air Jordan Z had placed 11 times in the top ten of any Grand Prix that he started in. Later on he won a reserve title at the World Cup Final in Las Vegas (2007). Check out the video on the right of Air Jordan Z at Las Vegas 2007 World Cup Final.

The offspring of Air Jordan Z stand out because of their outstanding movement, uniform types and potential for jumping that is far above average. Already he has a number of proven licensed sons. In January 2012, Dondersteen (Air Jordan Z x Lupicor) won the finals for young horses in Holland. Another up and coming super star is Armani Van Overis Z ridden by world number 13th Simon Delestre.

Absolute Ego Z’s dam line is even more interesting, with a cross of two exceptional world class stallions Lux Z and Calvin Z. Lux Z needs no introduction; he is one of the most successful stallions in international showjumping. With Jerry Smit, Lux Z participated in the 2000 Sydney Olympics and won the Pulsar Crown competitions in Valkenswaard and Cannes. This brought Lux Z’s total winnings to more than a million Euro. His sire, Lord Calando (Lord), is similar to the world-famous jumping stallion Carthago Z ( by Capitol I), bred out of Perra (Calando I). As well as being Lux Z ’s sire, Lord Calando is the sire of many international showjumping horses such as: Locanda (Marcus Ehning) and Libero H. The Hanoverian stallion Lux Z was bred at Zangersheide Stud Farm, out of the Holstein mare Apocalypte Z (Ahorn Z), a product of lineage 2543.

Calvin Z is the son of the deceased Caletto II, who, with a German jumping index of 151, claimed second place (behind his full brother Caletto I) out of 950 German sires (senior sires category). Caletto II is also the sire of the gold medal winner of the 1992 Olympic Games: Classic Touch. Calvin Z himself also had a successful show-jumping career.

In 1988, Calvin Z covered a number of mares in Germany, before he was sold to England. Altogether his offspring earnt Calvin Z a jumping index of 163, with which he made his 1994 debut in the German estimated breeding value lists – in leading place of 143 sires! He continued to head the list in 1995 with an estimated breeding value of 164.

Absolute Ego Z is registered with Zangersheide, and will be available this breeding season. He is also available now for extended breeding to approved WB or TB or a cross of the previous mares only.

Absolute Ego Z Service Price $1800 with 24hr LFG. For more information, contact Lucy Galovicova at
For more information contact Lucy Galovicova at lucy@kentauraustralia.com

Download breeding contract below.

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Absolute Ego Z – January 2015
Air Jordan Z