Choosing the right breastplate for your horse

Choosing the right breastplate for your horse

Choosing the right breastplate for you and your horse can be a difficult task. It’s important that the right breastplate is chosen so it not only fits the horse correctly but it satisfies your needs as a rider as well. Whether this is so you can attach a set of martingale rings or prevent the saddle from slipping backward, rest assured we will have a breastplate that meets your needs.

To help make the decision a little easier we have developed a flow chart with a variety of different questions to guide you to what we believe will be the most suitable breastplate for your horse. Please keep in mind that all breastplates are interchangeable in terms of which discipline they are used for. 

Once you have taken a look at our flow chart, read on to find out about the different martingale attachments that we offer, and what our favorite breastplates are. 

Every breastplate is sold with a standard set of leather martingale rings. However, we also have two other martingale options which both serve different purposes and may be useful to you. 
Bib Martingale Attachment: This attachment maintains even downward pressure on the reins, but also helps to keep the reins together or parallel. This creates a direct line from the rider’s hand to the horse’s mouth and can be useful when riding young horses that are difficult to turn. Bib martingales also prevent the rings from getting caught in the horse’s mouth. 
Elastic Martingale Attachment: This attachment features elastic straps that attach to the reins in replacement of traditional leather; allowing more give in the martingale when the horse moves its head. This is a great alternative for horses that need rings for added stability and control but can be sensitive to the downward pressure of the standard leather rings. 
Now, in terms of our favorite breastplate, this was narrowed down to two choices (after some debating in the office)…
Torino breastplate: Coming in a close second, this breastplate was originally designed for showjumping. However, we have discovered that Eventers are quite keen to use this one cross country, and why not? As we said, breastplates are interchangeable across disciplines. Featuring 5 points of contact, attaching at the D’s and the points of the saddle, this breastplate will make sure your saddle stays put when galloping across the country.  The Torino breastplate is less chunky then something like the Leon breastplate (featured in this blogs cover photo), which is perfect if your planning on doubling this as your showjumping breastplate as well. 

Napoli breastplate: Our number one recommendation for the everyday rider, this is what Director of Kentaur Australia, Lucy Galovicova, likes to call ‘The lazy peoples breastplate”. The Napoli breastplate quite simply attaches to the D’s of the saddle and has no bridge over the wither so you don’t have to put it over the horses head. You literally clip it on and attach it to your girth, and your good to go. This breastplate also features multiple martingale attachments down the front, perfect if you’re using it on lots of different horses. What’s not to love about this breastplate?!

All breastplates can be made with an additional clip so it can be attached to the girth if necessary. However, this is not standard on Kentaur breastplates and you will need to contact us for this option. 

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