Choosing the right Bell Boots for your horse

Choosing the right Bell Boots for your horse

Bell Boots, otherwise known as ‘overreach boots’, are an integral item in any rider’s tack box. Serving a mainly protective role, they cover the horse’s feet from the heel to above the coronary band.

They can help prevent:

  • Overreach injuries (basically when the back feet strike the back of their front hoof/sensitive heel bulb – these typically occur during high impact activities such as lunging, galloping, jumping, etc, but can also happen in the paddock).
  • Losing shoes – some horses are professional shoe losers, whether it be due to their conformation or simply an extremely non-useful talent. Not only can this prove costly, but it can be time consuming to scour the paddock for the lost shoe (which is usually buried – only to emerge 6 months later completely rusted and unusable)
  • Injuries caused by wearing studs in the shoes

We believe that bell boots should be worn by all shod horses, as well as unshod horses prone to overreaching. So which bell boots are right for your horse, then?

We stock a variety of KenTaur bell boots to serve different needs, including:

  • Plain leather with neoprene lining: these are an economical option that still provide excellent protection. They are lightweight and soft on the inside, with a plastic leather covering on the outside.
  • Sheepskin lined: these are perfect for horses prone to rubbing or sensitivity around the pastern area. The soft, treated sheepskin provides extra comfort, protection and style to the bell boots. 
  • Anatomical bell boots: these are shaped to stop the bell boots from moving and rotating. They are cut anatomically as well as containing a small insert to reduce movement. We have two versions of these available – the standard and premium. They are essentially the same, with the premium version having more colours available (including Black, Brown, Tobacco, and Tobacco + Black) and containing a leather covering across the Velcro at the front.

So why buy KenTaur bell boots, you ask? 

KenTaur pride themselves on producing the highest quality products that are designed ‘by riders, for riders’. They have an on-site sports stable in the same area as their factory in Europe, allowing them to test the products before release.

Their bell boots are available in numerous different sizes, colours and textures, meaning that all shapes/sizes/types of horses are catered for. We have also tested these bell boots extensively on our own team of show jumpers, and find them to be as durable as any premium bell boot on the market. The front Velcro fastenings are extremely secure whilst remaining convenient and quick to put on.

One thing we would note, is that KenTaur bell boots are slightly more generous in sizing than other brands of bell boots. We would recommend purchasing one size down than what you would normally buy for your horse.

You can shop our full KenTaur bell boot range here.

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