Lorenzini Titanium ‘Matte Finish’ Stirrups

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The Lorenzini Titanium ‘Matte Finish’ Stirrups are a superior pair of lightweight stirrups from the popular Lorenzini range. They offer a sophisticated design and stylish look that is unique in the worldwide stirrup market. The 'Matte' finish provides an anti-scratch surface. 

Made with aluminum and titanium, they are highly resistant, lightweight and durable. The knurled titanium tread increases surface friction between the foot and the stirrup, providing the rider with increased stability and security when riding. In saying this, the ergonomic design means that the foot can easily come out in emergency situations to help decrease the chance of injury.

The lateral inserts, in contact with the skin and coat of the horse, are made of titanium so that the stirrup is highly biocompatible. Finally, the almost triangular arch provides a high resistance to torsion, meaning that they will stay in place even if the foot comes loose. This means that the rider can quickly and easily get their foot back into the stirrup!