KEP 'Cromo T Leather' Helmet

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The KEP 'Cromo T Leather' Helmet  is a stylish model that features panels covered with luxuriously smooth calf leather. This highly elegant model is still subtle enough to suit even the most conservative disciplines, with other options such as added crystals available.

If you would like to design your own custom KEP 'Cromo T Leather' from scratch, simply enter the details of your dream helmet into the KEP configurator, press 'Receive Helmet' and email it to us at, and we will do the rest!

This helmet has been specifically designed for show jumping. As with all the KEP helmets, it is equipped with the standard flexible visor, air circulation system, five connection point straps and inner removable and washable padding. It also has five international safety certifications and is thus approved worldwide. 

Fitted with padded removable inserts, the size of the helmet can be adjusted accordingly; one KEP Medium Skull is capable of fitting sizes between 51-58, and a Large skull from 59-62.