EquiFit HorseSox

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The EquiFit HorseSox offer unobtrusive protection for your horses' legs while at work. Made of stretchable and breathable stockinette, HorseSox aid in keeping legs clean; offering protection for the horses prone to leg irritations, scratched, boot rubs or those with wounds or minor leg abrasions. HorseSox offer compression, aiding in increased circulation. 

Direction of use:

1. Cut HorseSox to the desired length

2. Scrunch material (light putting on tights) and slip over hoof. HorseSox must fit snug to do their job!

3. Place HorseSox in desired location and apply boots or wraps over the top.

4. For heel coverage, extend HorseSox to hoof and secure with adhesive tape. Do not apply tape to horses' hair. 

5. After use, carefully remove from horses' legs. HorseSox are reusable and machine washable on a delicate cycle and low heat.