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Lorenzini Titanium Dressage Stirrups

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The Lorenzini Titanium Dressage Stirrups are a beautiful and practical pair of dressage stirrups from the famous Lorenzini range. They are available in a range of colours in a 5cm foot width plate, with the dressage foot plate containing rubber inserts instead of titanium tread. 6.5cm foot width plates are available for colours Black and Gold. 

Lorenzini are renowned for producing the most lightweight, high quality and precision-based stirrups on the market. Instead of purely using Aluminium (as is used by other companies), they use Titanium - a metal that has the strongest strength to weight ratio on the planet, with an ultimate tensile strength of 170,000psi. This high strength ensures that the stirrups are durable, safe and extra sturdy.

Additionally, the Lorenzini Titanium stirrups are 100% Italian made, providing the superior quality and attention to detail that one might expect.

Lorenzini Titanium Dressage Stirrups Aluminium (Silver) / 5cm Saddle Accessories
Lorenzini Titanium Dressage Stirrups Saddle Accessories