Silver Crown X noseband
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Introducing Silver Crown

We are very excited to announce that we will be stocking a new brand from France! Silver Crown is a sought-after brand of bridlery with a focus on innovation, expert craftsmanship and quality materials. The Silver Crown range is designed to be ‘mixed and...
Custom made saddle
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Why Buy a Custom-Made Saddle?

The words ‘custom-made saddle’ might be enough to send some riders running to the hills at the thought of the possible price tag. Then there’s the fact that buying cheap used saddles is easier than it’s ever been, with Internet buy and sell groups...
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Demystifying the New Helmet Safety Standards

It seems that many people were taken by surprise when Equestrian Australia announced last year that there would be new helmet safety standards from 2017 onwards. The abolishment of helmet standard EN1384 means that many helmets, particularly older models, are no longer valid for...
Absolute Ego Z
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Choosing the Right Show Jumping Boots

Choosing the right show jumping boots for your horse can be an arduous process… Not only are there hundreds of brands out there, but the different types and materials mean that there are seemingly endless options. Armed with the knowledge of the functions of...
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